Bliss Waxing Kit Reviews

Poetic Bliss Waxing Kit

  • Bliss Poetic Waxing Combo kit
  • Easy and effective hair removal kit
  • Do-it-yourself kit
  • Uses low temperature wax
  • Hair removal lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Can be used on hair between the brow arches and the ankles
  • Australian hair removal system
  • Includes pre-waxing lotion which will keep the wax from sticking to your skin
  • Shrink wraps for pulling tough hair straight out from the root
  • Wax cools quickly to provide for fast and painless removal
  • Works on very short stubble of up to 1mm in length
  • Kit includes microwaveable mug of 7.05 ounces of wax
  • Kit includes super skin cleanser
  • Kit includes 1 ounce pre and 1 ounce post waxing oil
  • Wax is gentle and painless
  • Use for hair between your brow arches and your ankles
  • Aromatherapy based removal system
  • Wax is colored making it easy to see where it is applied
  • Works on sensitive skin
  • Can be used anywhere on your face or body
  • Customer Reviews

    This is one of the best and most gentle waxing systems you can buy. Easy to use and very cost effective for use at home. Lasts just a long or longer than a professional waxing from a salon.

      Frequently Bought Together
    • Wax Warmer. Save trips back and forth between you and the microwave. Just plug this in where you are doing your waxing, and you are ready to warm your wax.
    • Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads. These easy-to-use swipes rapidly alleviate ingrown hairs.

      Bliss Poetic Waxing At-Home hair Removal Kit

    • Bliss Poetic Waxing At-Home hair Removal Kit
    • Gentle and painless waxing method
    • Comes with pre and post waxing products
    • Wax cools quickly for fast and painless removal
    • You can use on very short 1 mm in length short stubble with success
    • Bliss waxing is Safe to use
    • Bliss waxing is Easy to use
    • Includes a thorough instructional guide that gives you precise details for waxing your legs, face, bikini line, and underarm waxing tactics and safeguards
    • Comes in a microwaveable cup
    • Low temperature aromatherapy based hair removal system
    • Suitable for your body and face
    • Complete kit for heat to toe waxing
    • Kit includes wax, mild super skin cleanser, calming waxing oil, and 3 large and small spatulas
    • Customer Reviews

      Extremely cost effective and simple to use. But it does take some time to get it down pat. Even so, you will be able to get great results the very first time you use it. Plus, it is gentle compared to other waxing methods. Works on sensitive skin also.

        Frequently Bought Together
      • Ingrown Relief Lotion Aftercare 2 oz. Removes the dead uper layers of skin that clog hair follicles & redirect hair growth inward.
      • Bliss Slimulator. Wakes up surface circulation, moving fat trapping fluids out of thighs.

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