Andrea Wax Kit

Andrea Hard Wax Kit for Face & Body

Hard Wax Andrea Wax Kit for Face & Body

  • Condition and protect your skin to keep wax from adhearing to your skin with the pre-epilation oil
  • Specially formulated Brazilian Hard Wax will adhere to your hair and not your skin
  • Heat the wax in the microwave
  • Gently removes unwanted hair
  • Able to wax even difficult to reach areas with the 3 different size spatulas
  • No mulsin strips needed
  • Hair removal will last for up to six weeks

    ANDREA  Wax Strips for the Body

    ANDREA New & Improved Wax Strips for the Body

  • Box holds 20 applications
  • Professional hair removal system
  • Skin will be left satiny smooth
  • Removes hair to the roots
  • No more need to use harsh creams, electrolysis, or tweezers
  • Works for up to 2 to 3 weeks
  • Includes an instruction booklet

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