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It’s no secret: Women want beautiful hair. Just not on their legs, under their arms, over their top lip, or between their eyebrows. If you’ve tried shaving, waxing, and creams, and you’re still not happy with the results you’re getting, an Electric Women’s Epilator may be for you.

How Epilators Work

In the simplest terms, epilators work like your trusted pair of tweezers. Epilators vary in design, but all catch, pull, and remove the whole hair from the follicle. The best models are designed to catch every hair the first time and to minimize discomfort by cooling, massaging, or keeping the skin taut.

Epilating: Pros and Cons

As with most things, epilators have both benefits and drawbacks. Probably the two most frequent questions women have about epilators are, Do they work? and Are they painful? Both answers are yes, but if that second yes scares you, keep reading.

First, in terms of results, no cream, wax, or razor will give you better results than an epilator. When you shave, you’re only cutting visible hair back even with your skin. As mentioned above, epilators remove hair at the root level. Removing the whole hair shaft means your skin will stay smooth for up to a month between sessions. Waxing produces the same result as epilating, but this method of removing hair won’t burn or make a huge mess in your bathroom. Plus, once you invest in a Women’s Epilator, you’re set. Gone are the ongoing expenses of creams, wax, or razors.

Does epilating hurt? Yes, at first. Most women find using an epilator no more painful or even less painful than waxing. Rather than pulling out a huge swatch of hair, as is the case with waxing, you’re removing a handful at a time and you control the movement of the epilator, so you go at a pace that’s most comfortable for you. As you get used to using the epilator and your body adjusts, hairs start to come out more easily. Some women feel that, over time, hairs come in thinner or lighter, too.

Tips for Getting Started:

1. Choosing the right epilator for you: There are many good epilators on the market today. Read through the reviews and choose one that’s a good fit for you in terms of style, features, size, and price. If you’re worried about discomfort, look for a model with a built-in massager or other feature to make the experience more comfortable.

2. Picking the right time to start: Two hours before a special date is not the time to give your new epilator a trial run. All women are different, and some will develop irritation or redness after using an epilator for the first time. Pick a time when you’re relaxed and can take your time. After a bath just before bed can be a perfect time. The bath will open your pores and chances are any irritation will be gone by morning.

3. Picking a good place to start: It’s a good idea to choose an area on your leg or arm where your skin isn’t extremely sensitive. Your first time using an epilator isn’t the time to try taming your bikini area or under your arms. Get used to the sensation and how your body reacts first before moving on to more sensitive areas.

4. Taking good care of your skin before and after: Your skin must be clean and dry before epilating, but it’s a good idea to follow up with something to soothe and nourish your skin, like an aloe or vitamin enriched body lotion. Moisturizing and exfoliating after using your epilator will minimize irritation as well as reduce the risk of painfully ingrown hairs.

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