Microdermabrasion At Home

Neutrogena Advanced Solutions MicroDermabrasion At Home System

Neutrogena Advanced Solutions At Home MicroDermabrasion System. This system is made for anyone wanting to get professional microdermabrasion results at home. Starting from day one it will give you softer baby smooth skin, then after week one give you brighter more youthful looking skin. Then by week four you will have less sun damage and fewer wrinkles.

    Replacement Items & Accessories:
  • Foam Applicators- Dual Replenishment Pack
  • Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Microdermabrasion System, Face Refill, 1 System
  • Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System Puff Refills, 24-Count

    At Home Microdermabrasion Machine NV60

    Microdermabrasion At Home Machine NV60. This machine is for home use by the average person to help in rejuvenating and softening your skin. Includes everything needed to get the job done professionally. Plus, it is affordable.

      Replacement Items & Accessories:
    • Neutralizer skin pH balancer
    • Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional)
    • Glycolic Acid 35% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional)


      Crystalift at Home Microdermabrasion Vacuum. This system is designed for use at home and includes the resurfacing machine, instructional DVD, and resurfacing machine.

        Replacement Items & Accessories:
      • Neutralizer skin pH balancer
      • Crystalift Refills Set of 4 Crystals / 30-Day Supply

        PMD Personal Microderm

        PMD Personal Microderm system that will give at home microdermabrasion at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments. This unit is a handheld device that uses aluminum oxide crystals just like the massively expensive machines located in your doctor's office.

          Replacement Items & Accessories:
        • Personal Microderm Discs - Green Medium
        • PMD Personal Microderm Personal Microderm Replacement Discs Blue Sensitive
        • PMD Personal Microderm Personal Microderm Replacement Discs Red Coarse

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