Genital Hair Remover Reviews

Veet Gel Cream Pump Sensitive Formula Genital Hair Remover

Veet Gel Cream Pump Sensitive Formula Hair Remover. Features include smooth skin for twice as long as from shaving, restores your skin's hydration levels, hair takes much longer to grow back, and this particular formula contains aloe vera and vitamin E. Recommend you read the reviews on Amazon to get great ideas on how to use around your bikini line. Plenty of helpful hints from reviewers.

Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit For Private Parts, 4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)

Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit Genital Hair Remover For Private Parts. Features include a step by step set of instructions, spatulas that are wide and easy to use, pre-epilation oil, handle on the jar, and simple preparation in the microwave.

GiGi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit

GiGi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit. Features DVD in English and Spanish, after wax cooling gel, pre-epilating oil, petite applicators, small & large accue edge applicators, Brazilian body hard wax, and a wax warmer.

Surgi Brazilian Waxing Kit for Private Parts

Surgi Brazilian Waxing Kit Genital Hair Remover for Private Parts. Features include salon quality wax, wide spatulas that are easy to grip, and wax is microwavable.

Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver

Cleancut Genital Hair Remover ES412 Personal Shaver. Features include being suitable for both men and women, stainless steel finish, can be used for underarms, bikini line, French landin strip, and the Brazilian style. Designed to be used without any cutting or nicking of your skin.

Body Bare Bikini Line and Pubic Hair Trimmer

Body Bare Bikini Line and Pubic Hair Trimmer. Features a rotary head, can be used daily, for shorter hairs, solid aluminum frame, sturdy aluminum cap, high-tech shaving foil, carrying cover, no ingrown hairs or bumps or biting, to be used with talcum or baby powder, includes instructions, travel case, and cleaning brush.

Body Bare Pubic Hair Shaver Triple Combo with Bikini Line Trimmer

Body Bare Genital Hair Shaver Triple Combo with Bikini Line Trimmer. This is a Super Value. Features irritation free shave, no ingrown hairs or razor bumps, for sensitive body areas, no stubble, this is a trimmer, not a shaver. Can also be used on the face, and under arms.

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