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Diesel Aftershaves were founded in 1978 in the Italian town of Molvena by Adriano Goldschmied and Renzo Rosso, Diesel was once and exclusive retailer in clothing but now have mainstreamed to a number of products worldwide, distributed through their over 500 outlets. Diesel now offers a range of shower gels, toiletries, limited edition fragrances, lotions and aftershaves. If you’re looking for an aftershave that will pamper, sooth and keep you refreshed over a longer period, then the ones listed below are definitely choices to consider.

Diesel Plus Plus by Diesel Gift Set for Men

Introduced in 2007, this gift set delivers rich fragrance that is composed of fougere and sandalwood and is recommended for daytime use. This 3 in one combo makes a great gift and is a great way to maintain a common fragrance all through the day. Set includes EDT Spray, aftershave balm & shower gel.

Diesel Only the Brave ~ After Shave Balm

Diesel only the brave after shave balm delivers a crisp, cool sensation after sharp shave and works its charm in cool sunny weather. This Diesel aftershave shaving balm is a smart compliment to other diesel fragrances that work together to keep you scented all through your busy schedule.

Fuel For Life After Shave Lotion

If you’re looking for instant revival, then fuel for life is your best bet. This aftershave lotion should be generously used to invigorate your face for a refreshing feel.

Diesel Green By Diesel For Men - Eau De Toilette Spray

This casual fragrance was introduced in 2001 and is still is a preferred choice for those that want to stay refreshed with a mixture of lime, vanilla, orchild, and sea rose.

Diesel Fuel For Life Unlimited by Diesel for Women. Eau De Parfum Spray

If you’re looking fragrance to excite the senses of that special someone or simply a gift, then look no further than the Fuel for Life spray by Diesel. Unveiled in 2008, this fragrance is the work of Olivier Cresp, Jacques Cavalier and Harry Fremont. The fragrance features appealing ingredients such as white flowers, licorice, bergamot, star anise and lemon.

Diesel Only The Brave by Diesel Gift Set for Men

Introduced in 2009 by the Diesel design house, the Brave by Diesel combination pack offers a smooth combination of cedar, lemon, Mandarin orange, leather, coriander, styrax and violet. Gift set includes EDT spray, aftershave balm, and shower gel.

Diesel Plus Plus Set of EDT Spray, Aftershave Balm & Shower Gel

The Diesel plus spray is great for those on the go, and those who want to stay refreshed all times. This combo pack consists of three variants, which includes Diesel aftershave balm, EDT spray and a shower gel.

Diesel Yellow After Shave Splash

The Splash aftershave by Diesel adds a cool refreshing touch that is much needed to start and complete your day. This aftershave can be complimented with a number of other Diesel fragrances to sport a refreshing vibe for a longer period.

Diesel Only The Brave Men Gift Set: Eau De Toilette Spray, After Shave Balm, All Over Shampoo

If you’re looking for a gift for that special someone or occasion and are want to get him something that will address all his needs, the Only the Brave gift set by diesel is the ultimate solution.

Only The Brave After Shave Lotion - Only The Brave

The Only the Brave solution by Diesel is the ultimate remedy to stay refreshed and is to be used generously effectiveness. This Diesel aftershave is lightly scented and is compatible for all skin types.

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