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Double Edge DE Concord Safety Razor 3-piece model

  • Concord Double Edge DE Safety Razor 3-piece model
  • Very inexpensive yet solid construction
  • Extra long non-slip handle
  • 3-Piece model
  • Unscrews for putting the blade inside the razor
  • Great as a razor for a first timer/novice
  • Uses Standard Double Edge Blades
  • Made in China
  • Customer Reviews

    This is an inexpensive double edge concord razor that opens up from the top after you screw it open. The razor blade drops in the top, then screw it back together again. Razor is 3.6" long and weighs about 1.5 ounces. These razors are the kind your dad or grandpa used. They hold up well, are very easy to use, and they shave your face as close as you can get. The blades are cheap to buy and last for quite a few shaves. Plus, your face feels great after you have shaved with this type of razor.

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      CONCORD Double Edge DE Safety Razor TTO

    • Double Edge DE CONCORD Safety Razor TTO
    • Very inexpensive
    • Lightweight with an extra long non-slip handle
    • "Twist to Open" mechanism
    • Ideal razor for the novice user
    • Uses Standard Double Edge Blades
    • Includes 1 Double Edge Blade
    • Model number CCR01

    • Customer Reviews

      This would be the ideal safety razor for someone just starting out to use this type of razor. Would also work well as a backup or travel razor. Uses a double edged razor. Affordable and lightweight.

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