Shortwave Tweezer

by Bushra

Epitron 45<BR> State-of-the-Art Shortwave Permanent Hair Removal

Epitron 45
State-of-the-Art Shortwave Permanent Hair Removal


I am laser tech and I have problem with grey hair. I want the best machine to remove them without needle...thanks and have a nice day.

Unfortunately laser hair removal requires that pigment be present in the hair in order to work. This is required so that the light energy of the laser is absorbed by the hair follicle cells. Since you are talking about removing grey hair, laser won't work. Your only option is to use electrolysis hair removal systems.

If it is the pain of the needle that bothers you, you should be using a topical anesthetics cream to numb the area being worked on. If the needle itself is the problem, suggest not watching while having the treatment done. I myself have a fear of needles. Whenever I have to get something done with needles, I just turn my head and think of something else.

As for shortwave tweezer units for salon and home use with a reasonable price would suggest this one. Epitron 45, State-of-the-Art Shortwave Permanent Hair Removal.

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