Lasers for Hair Removal

by Amber Hull
(Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin)


How safe is this product for people who have color in their skin? I know some lasers cannot be used on colored people skin.

You didn't provide enough information for me to give a proper answer. You mention lasers, but not a specific laser.

Therefore I am assuming you are asking about a laser for removing unwanted hair. If that is the case, then you are right. If you have color in your skin laser hair removal isn't for you. I believe that is because the laser cannot tell the difference between the hair and the skin. This might cause the laser to incorrectly try removing hair that actually is skin. It is my understanding the laser hair removal should never be used except with someone who has light colored skin.

For those with darker tones, electrolysis would be the better method of permanent or near permanent removal. Unfortunately, it will cause some pain where laser removal probably wouldn't.

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