Dual Voltage
Ladies Electric Shavers


I am looking for a ladies electric shaver that is dual voltage so can be used any where in the world. Can you please tell me which ones I can buy?


Unfortunately I couldn't find any dual voltage shavers for women. I did find a couple for men. You might be better off just buying a voltage convertor for use when you need 220 volt power for any of your appliances. Most of them are rather inexpensive and are probably cheaper than buying a dual voltage unit would be. Plus you can use them with your other 110 voltage appliances.

1. Simran 1875 Watts Travel Voltage Converter For Using 110V USA Products In 220V/240V Countries. Model SM-1875

2. All-in-One Travel Power Plug Adapter for US, UK, EU, AU

3. Simran SMF-200 Deluxe 200-Watts Step Down Travel Voltage Converter for 220V / 240V

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