Best / Easiest Laser For
Use On Facial Spider Veins?

by Sue Fordyce
(San Jacinto, California, USA )

I was going to call, but I don't see a phone number, so below is the list I had typed up regarding questions I have. Thanks.

Questions and answers will only be handled through this format.

Questions for Biotechnique

Best/easiest laser for me to use on my face for spider veins?
Basically the higher the number on the model, the more powerful it is, and also the more expensive it is. The best/easiest laser for you will have to be made based on your finances, what you want in features, and your own personal preferences.

Difference between SPL (pulsed light?) and SDL (diode? Dye?) Which do I want?
I don't know the exact differences between the SPL and the SDL models. However, the reviews should provide you with enough information for you to decide which you would prefer.

What is LD50K?
This is a laser diode permanent hair removal system. It can be used for general dermatology and tatoo removal. Doesn't specifically state that it can be used for spider veins, but am assuming it can as that would be in the category of general dermatology.

What is DM4000 (“easy for home use”)
This is a low priced laser hair removal system. It is used for permanent hair removal. It is easy to use for the home user. This unit is a basic model that uses lower power so it will take longer to remove hairs than more expensive models. It is not meant to be used for general dermatology or tatoo removal.

SDL50 – used in offices (so not for me, right?):
This would be a good unit for you to use. However, it is made for heavy duty use and would be more expensive a unit than you need for home use in most cases. If you need a unit for general dermatology or tatoo removal, than this unit would be a good model for home use.

On Amazon, it says SDL30 is good for spider veins. (You say no) Able to use on myself?
I couldn't find where Amazon
stated it was good for spider veins. It is an entry level unit so you can use on yourself. It is not meant to be used for removing tatoos or general dermatology use. If you need a unit for general dermatology than you would need something more like the SDL50 or the SDL80 unit.

SPL50 – home or office? Strong enough for spider veins?
Couldn't find any such unit.

SDL60 c – Recommend? Cool tip. ($1500?)
Yes, this would work for spider veins so I could recommend this unit for that. Cool tip just means it runs cool. Price is set by the retailer which would be Amazon. I have no control over the price.

Biotech recommended SPL600 or SPL800 – Are these made for home or office? Prices?
These are made for either home or office. However, due to the price, usually they are purchased for office or small salon use. Prices are as listed by the online retailer. I don't sell them, so I don't set the prices. They fluctuate at times, so a quote is not going to be accurate.

Can you upload instruction booklets for those we come up with to me before I buy?
No. I only write reviews. I do not stock or sell any merchandise of any kind. Nor do I have access to instruction manuals/booklets for any of the products other than what you could access online directly from the merchant.

Difference between SDL80 and SDL100? (SDL100 too expensive at $3300)
The SDL100 is more powerful and will remove hairs faster than the lower powered and less expensive SDL80. Both of these models are designed for use in a salon or doctor's office.

What does he know about the Scientia skin laser? For spider veins?
I am not familiar with this particular unit.

Guarantees on all? 6-month?
Guarantees/Warranties vary with each model.

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