Battery Life

by Mervin Schneider
(Prince Albert, Sask., Canada)


I purchased a Clio Designs C4050 3V DC,2W from Wal-Mart and followed the initializing instructions as printed. This was 2 months ago. I cannot keep the battery charged! It is dead after 1, at most 2 shaves, going totally dead and stopping and the unit will not run when plugged in. It will only run after charging and unplugged. Why does the battery go dead so quickly? Why does it not run when plugged in?
What do I do, the razor is very frustrating and virtually useless.
Please advise

I am assuming you got a defective battery. You probably waited too long to bring it back to Walmart for a refund/exchange, but I would give it a try anyway. Otherwise check your warranty, it should be covered for about 90 days or more.

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