Babyliss for men hair clippers

by June

The best pair of hair clippers that I've ever owned are a pair that I got from Freecycle. Someone else was giving them away and my other pair had recently fallen apart.

The other pair that I had were Remington (I think) but they weren't as good as the very first pair that I had, which my hairdresser sister-in-law gave me as a present.

Both of my previous pairs had a power cord, so you had use them close to the power point. My latest pair are cordless. This is just brilliant. I'm not tied to a certain part of the kitchen when I cut my husband's hair. Not having the power lead also means that you can work from any side without having to keep moving the lead around so as not to strangle the person having the hair cut.

When we got the new-to-us clippers we did get a new set of blades from eBay. They cost a few pounds but it was money well spent because the clippers are nice and sharp and don't pull the hair as they cut.

The clippers come in a nice box that keeps everything together. There's a charger and some different sizes of combs so you can choose what length you want the hair to be. When the clippers are fully charged the batteries last for a long time. I cut my husband's and my son's hair and I can do both of them 2 or 3 times before the clippers need charging again. The charge not only lasts while the hair is being cut but it lasts for several weeks in between cuts.

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